Big marquee set up in Avenida de Castelao


The central ring of the Christmas Circus of Vigo is a great place where anything is possible.

A large troupe of artists coming from different countries, including Russia, Canada, Venezuela, Colombia and, of course, Galicia, will take the audience to a magical universe under the big marquee. Balancing on a pyramid of chairs, artistic bicycle, funambulism, aerial performances, magic, juggling and an endless myriad of other surprises will unfold during the 90 minutes of the show, to the sound of live music.

The characters who live in this place, as well as achieving unimaginable things, will also have to write their letters. Some of them to the Three Wise Men, others to Santa Claus or to the Apalpador… Or perhaps to their families, if they are far from home and want to feel close to them. One thing is for sure, everyone will get a present.

What about you? Have you already written your letter? If not, you can bring it to the magic mailbox of this special place.
We promise you that it has a direct connection and is sure to be delivered to its destination.

Show times

School shows and special prices for groups at and 696 142 224

Make a wish!

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